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Design Furniture, Matresses and Theatre/Auditorium Seating

For almost 60 years, GETAMA has manufactured furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, an internationally awarded Danish designer. This line of furniture is highly appreciated for its design, quality and durability and has become a collector's item to many people and is still a best-seller at GETAMA.

GETAMA was founded in 1899 and specialized in seaweed mattresses in those days. However times change and today, besides spring mattresses and boxsprings, GETAMA also produce a large range of high quality furniture in contemporary design.

GETAMA's theatre and auditorium seatings are adapted to the hall or room, in which they are mounted. This improve the seating comfort and gives a better view, and you hear better, when your eyes will be able to follow the scene play. Sitting well, your body calms down, and you do not have to turn and twist to attend the scenary.



GETAMA DANMARK A/S | Holmmarkvej 5 | 9631 Gedsted | Tlf. 9864 5300 | info@getama.dk
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