References & Pictures

Copenhagen Congress Centre

University of Copenhagen

Frederiksberg College of Education

University of Copenhagen Department of Vetinary Phatobiology

Nestlé Danmark A/S

University of Southern Denmark, Campus Odense

Staby Continuation School

The Danish Business Academy Minerva

Oticon A/S

Aarhus School of Architecture

Coloplast Danmark A/S

The Danish School of Journalism

University College Lillebaelt

Comwell Conference Centre

The Engineering

VIA University College

Gudenådalens Continuation School

University of Aarhus Nobel Parken

Aarhus Business College

Institute of Business and Technology

Aalborg University

Lego Conference Center

University of Aarhus "Lakeside Lecture Theatres"

University of Aarhus "Lakeside Lecture Theatres"

State National Police Force Conference Center Avnø

Bygholm Agricultural

National Institute for Social Education

University of Aarhus "Lakeside Lecture Theatres"

The Danish Army "Vordingborg Kaserne"

Sorø Academy Center

Saxo Bank


University of Copenhagen The Niels Bohr Institute

Rambøll Headquarters




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