Auditorium Seating

Sitting in a good chair makes the experience bigger, your attention gets better, and you profit by the things going on at the scene.

Getama's theatre and auditorium seatings are adapted to the hall or room, in which they are mounted. This improve the seating comfort and gives a better view, and you hear better, when your eyes will be able to follow the scene play. Sitting well, your body calms down, and you do not have to turn and twist to attend the scenary.

When it comes to seat hight, back and upholstery, it is all achieved through many years of experience. Everything considered, when projekting a large hall we take notice of the sizes of the chairs and the form of the hall. It is no good investing millions in a beautiful building, if it does not function as expected by the audentice. Everything has to function, and the acoustics should be perfect.

Consulting Getama from the start you avoid much annoyance. It is mostly a service free of charge, and we should also be pleased to give you a not binding estimate.
  A great general expression

That's what we all strive for, and by acchieving this goal the cooperation between client, architect, and Getama shows to the best advantage. The right choise of fabric adapted to the room and the frame of the chair works miracles, and you can choose between thousand of possibilities.

Getama is known far and wide for the unique upholstery quality, which secures a nice overall solution, just as our efficent crew of fitters always leaves a perfect installation.


Co-operating with Getama, you can choose between many different models, both for auditoriums and theatres.

Besides the shown models Getama also produces chairs according to the architect's special requirements and ideas to the arrangement of the specific hall.


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