Jens Ole Christensen



  1953 Born in the region of Viborg, Denmark
  1972 Trained as a Cabinetmaker at Getama
  1972 Employed at Getama as a Cabinetmaker, and is today Getama's
internal designer and responsible for Getama's product development
  1982 Designs bedroom furniture for Getama
  1986 Designs bookcase systems, office and conference furniture,
and living room furniture for Getama
  2000 Starts his own design company, Ex-form, on a private hobby basis
GETAMA has produced furniture designed by J.O. Christensen since 1982. For further information please consult the website:


GETAMA DANMARK A/S | Holmmarkvej 5 | 9631 Gedsted | Tlf. 9864 5300 |
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